The maintenance of your photovoltaic roof is the guarantee of the comfort of the occupants of a home. Whether it is the panels, the battery or the cables, there are certain elements that usually need to be checked. So how do I know if my photovoltaic roof is in good condition?


In order to guarantee the good condition and proper functioning of its photovoltaic roof, it is essential to ensure the installation of electricity and the maintenance of the photovoltaic roof. Your equipment must meet the standards required by law. You can carry out the installation yourself, but it is preferable to call in an expert to ensure that your photovoltaic roof functions correctly and safely.


Normally, the condition of your photovoltaic roof must be checked frequently to ensure the proper functioning of the solar kit. You must check the condition of the glass in general at the front, there should not be any hot spots on a weld, impact and crack. If any of these damages appear, you must think about photovoltaic roof maintenance. You should also examine the overall condition of the rear cladding. There should be no holes or scratches. Also check the condition of the connection box. If it is melted or broken, the panel must be disconnected and replaced immediately. Also check whether the panel is correctly restoring the Volt voltage. And finally, make sure that the panel is producing Ampere power perfectly. You can also call in a professional to carry out some routine checks and find out whether your photovoltaic roof is still in good condition.


In order to keep your solar kit in good condition, it is essential to regularly maintain your photovoltaic roof. You can clean your panels with your water jet and spray them with clear water. This cleaning must be done once a year. During the snowy season, you must also carry out maintenance. Well-cleaned panels increase profitability. Also take care of your inverter. There is no need for an electrician, just check and compare the electricity production from year to year. Also make sure that the air inlets in the fan are not filled with dust and that the indicator lights and display are working. To prevent short circuits, check the cables for damage; if so, replace them. To finalize photovoltaic roof maintenance, it is more prudent to check the operation of the green meter by regularly monitoring the index. Failure of the green meter does not risk the functioning of the electrical installation, but it does compromise a financial loss.