The impact of fossil energy on the environment is palpable: global warming, climate change, etc. To minimize environmental degradation, many states are beginning to adopt new measures to promote the use of renewable energy. The installation of photovoltaic panels is one such device. Are you considering installing photovoltaic panels? You are wondering if you can finance your project with the tax credit. You will be answered in the following.


Applying for a tax credit to finance the installation of photovoltaic panels is no longer possible. However, if you have decided to carry out an aerovoltaic installation, you can benefit from a tax credit of 30%. If you use home automation to manage your photovoltaic energy, you can claim solar energy. An aerovoltaic project also allows you to benefit from a tax credit. It is the combination between photovoltaic and thermal. In other words, the tax credit and solar panel no longer exists, it must be combined with other products to take advantage of this type of financing.


The price of a photovoltaic panel is quite expensive for some households. Using the tax credit allowed some families to finance their self-consumption project more serenely. Photovoltaic panels can provide a return of up to 25 years, but no more. Beyond that, the production of electricity can decrease, sometimes it is recommended to change them. The installation and replacement of photovoltaic panels must be carried out by a specialised company. This intervention a cost that is not the least. In order not to miscalculate, this point should not be neglected. Combined with the cost of equipment, the installation of photovoltaic panels can weigh heavily on the portfolio.


Even if you cannot take advantage of a tax credit to finance your photovoltaic project, other aid may be granted. Depending on the region where you are located, ADEME and the local authorities also offer aid for the installation of your photovoltaic panels. More and more people are interested in self-consumption of energy. The abolition of the tax credit is one of the reasons for the reduction in the selling price of photovoltaic equipment. With the help of ADEME, the price of photovoltaic panels is more affordable. All equipment related to photovoltaic energy is more and more reliable. The value of the aid granted by the organization varies from region to region. If you would like to know the value of the aid you are entitled to, consider requesting a quote from a renewable energy expert. You must also prepare your application for aid that you send to your local authority.